Free and Low-Cost Dental Care

TIM & HUYEN BARTHOLOMEWKoutiala Women and Kids Hospital, Africa - April 2012

It was noon in a crowded hotel lobby in downtown Nanchang, China. Rain was pouring down, people were bustling everywhere in the lobby not taking note of what was going down. We made eye contact with two men in dark suits holding the goods, slowly approached one another sort of not sure if each of us had the right person (there were other 'exchanges' going down in the lobby).
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Health OutreachHealthOutreach Canada - Guatemala January 2011

Every Health Outreach project attempts to provide educational, preventative as well as urgent care services directly in remote areas with unmet health care needs.  A few Q-Optics Radiant LED Headlights traveled along to help out in the challenging conditions.
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