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Quality Aspirators is an industry leader in the manufacturing of dental surgical aspirators, fiber optic lights, endodontic aspirators, Dovgan MTA Carriers, suction valves, saliva ejectors, cleaning brushes, and Osseous Coagulum Traps (bone trap). We also specialize in technologically advanced fiber optic instruments, such as fiber optic mouth mirrors, endodontic trans-illuminators, Pritchard elevators, fiber optic aspirators, fiber optic Minnesota retractor, fiber optic root tip suction, etc...

Quality Aspirators often manufactures custom aspirator tips made for the specific needs of the practitioner. Simply let us know how you want an aspirator tip designed and we will make it for you.

In addition to our custom aspirators, we also manufacture the Q-Optics line of loupes. Q-Optics loupes feature custom fit through the lens design or the standard flip up design. Q-Optics is dedicated to manufacturing high end magnification and supplying the practitioner with a high quality, lifetime guaranteed, custom fit loupe system. We use the latest technology for manufacturing dental loupes as well as fiber optic headlights. For more Q-Optics information visit www.q-optics.com.

Quality Aspirators is located in the Dallas, Texas area and we take pride in the fact that our products are manufactured in the USA.

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