93% aerosol reduction

Capture Aerosol at the Source

SafetySuction (patent pending) brings high-volume evacuation right up to the tip of aerosol producing ultrasonic scalers. Aerosols can contain blood, bacteria, and viruses. SafetySuction's proven technology captures 93% aerosol as it is produced. Aerosols and liquids safely evacuate down the standard high-vac suction line.

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Computer Analyzed Measurement Imaging With and Without SafetySuction Indicating Over 93% Reduction in Aerosols.

SafetySuction captures 93% of aerosol
at the source
Typical ultrasonic aerosol spray

The SafetySuction® Difference is Clear

With SafetySuction
Without SafetySuction
With vs Without SafetySuction

With vs Without Comparison

SafetySuction Usage Instructions

Usage Instructions

SafetySuction Schlieren Imaging Comparison

Schlieren Imaging Comparison

Why SafetySuction®?

The new SafetySuction captures 93% of aerosols at their source. The standards of dentistry are ever-changing with the demands of healthcare. Routine use of masks, gloves, and other surface protection are no longer enough with the presence of droplet-spread diseases. Measures need to be taken to reduce the amount of aerosol created and distributed in order to prevent the spread within the operatory area. Maximize protection by minimizing aerosol.

  • High Volume Aerosol evacuation at the tip of your ultrasonic scaler
  • Available to fit many types of ultrasonics
  • Reduce contaminated aerosol by 93%
  • Reduces water buildup by 80%
  • Removable handpiece is autoclavable, supporting long term infection control
  • Made in the USA
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