Walk the halls of any major Dental or Medical exhibition and chances are you’ve seen some of our handy work. Secrecy and Discretion are our trademarks so you won’t see a list of customers or pictures of our work here, but here is a list of some of our capabilities.

  • Precision Machining – high precision turning and milling capable of 0.0002″ tolerances.  We are a quick setup facility specializing in manufacturing runs of 1-500 parts. However we have taken on jobs that run as long as 6 months at a time producing many 10’s of thousands of parts in a lot.
  • Metal Forming – swaging, grinding, punching, flanging, bending, brazing
  • Brush making – twisted wire brush making for custom applications
  • Fiber Optics – Illumination optics, design and manufacture autoclavable cables and instruments with optical probes
  • Injection Molding – We are not a molding house, but we do design products to be molded and we work closely with companies within the Dallas/Ft. Worth area that do specialize in molding services.
  • Validated Cleaning Services – for implantable devices Quality Aspirators will coordinate, develop, and implement in-house procedures to deliver parts that are delivered ready for bodily insertion.