Adapters, Connectors, Attachments

Adapters, Connectors, Attachments
5ft Tubing Adapter Set eliminates the weight of the HVE valve and tubing when using a surgical suction tip.
TASS(Silicone Tubing Adapter Set)
Replacement cut-off clamp
COC(Cut Off Clamp for 1/4" - 1/2" OD tubing)
Adapts surgical tubing to fit any aspirator tip that is made to fit into the HVE valve.
ST-HVE(ST to HVE adapter)
Adapts HVE valves from 11mm to fit any standard 1/4" (6.5mm) suction tip including disposable saliva ejector tips.
HVE-SE(HVE to SE adapter)
Autoclavale adapter allows use of any 11mm suction tip with European standard HVE suction lines.
EURO-A(European 16mm to 11mm reducing adapter)
Tubing connector - Reducing Y
1/2-SE-WYE(1/2" to SE WYE Connector)
1/2-ST-WYE(1/2" to ST WYE Connector)
Tubing connector - Y
1/2-WYE(1/2" WYE Connector)
5/16-WYE(5/16" WYE Connector)
Tubing connector - Extender
PTC-1/2(1/2" Connector for HVE tubing)
PTC-1/4(1/4" Connector for Saliva Ejector tubing)
PTC-5/16(5/16" Connector for Surgical tubing)